There were three integral people at my birth, my husband, my midwife, and my doula, Nancy. She was the rock I needed to stay at it, held me together though prayer support, and worked magic with her strong and knowlegeable hands. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I needed her for both of my babies births, but I will shout from the rooftops how thankful I am that God directed our paths to each other for some of the most important moments of mine and my family’s life.
— Tori G., Doula Client


My services include 2 prenatal visits, email and phone support throughout pregnancy, attendance during active labor and immediate postpartum period, and an in-home postpartum visit.

I provide continuous support during your labor and birth that may include massage, relaxation techniques, emotional support and encouragement, explanations, positioning suggestions, partner support and help with breastfeeding establishment.

During your postpartum visit I will listen to your birth story, review your birth, help with breastfeeding, suggest referrals as necessary and answer any questions you may have.  I like to check in on you and make sure everything's okay.  



My doula services are $800.  A non-refundable deposit of $400 reserves your due date on my calendar.  The balance is due by 38 weeks.

Doula Services + Childbirth Education = $1050  (a $50 value!)


What is a birth doula?

A Birth Doula offers you support during your pregnancy and throughout your labor and birth experience.  Your healthcare provider, your family, they are all there to care for you in their own capacity, but may not be continuously available and have other roles to fill.  A Doula’s focus is on continuous support throughout labor.  Doulas work closely with partners to give mom the optimal support team she deserves. A Doula is there for you, with you on this journey to motherhood by offering you emotional and physical support. Doula’s do not offer medical care or make medical decisions.    It is our job to support you as you welcome your newest family member.  We are there to help you have the loving, gentle birth experience you deserve.

Every family benefits from a doula, whatever type of birth you are planning.  Doula attended births have shorter labors with fewer complications, healthier babies who breastfeed more easily.  However and wherever you plan to birth your baby you deserve support and love, you deserve a peaceful birth.  


Nancy was my doula for the birth of my daughter. She was with me every single minute and encouraged me through the whole process. I could not imagine going through my labor without her and my husband by my side. For anyone looking for a doula... without hesitation I would recommend Nancy!
— Ashley F., Student and Doula Client